Rogue Valley Living

"We do a face to face chat with all of our potential sponsors and advertisers"

Every ad in our magazine is a personal recommendation from Rogue Valley Living that they will follow through with the best of care in products and service for our residents. We don’t just take on everyone that wants in. Even though our pricing can be 1/10th or less of print magazines to advertise, we want to under promise and over deliver to our residents.

One unique aspect of coming on board with RVL is the opportunity to actually meet some of your potential customers and clients at RVL-sponsored events! People are able to mingle socially in a low key meet and greet, where the premiere advertisers or sponsors can talk a little about their business and shake hands with potential customers. The old adage of “If people like, know and trust you, they will buy” is so true!

We just recently brought 50 folks into Rogue Karting for 2 hours of Go Kart racing, a $2400 value! We have restaurant reviews, wine tastings, an adult puppet karaoke planned, and have in the past gone on Segway rides and shopping tours. Join in on the fun!

Take a look at the media kit and if you want to set up a time to meet or find out more about our unique E-publication, please email